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Tresor Des Mers : Beautifying Oil,face,Body, Hair

Tresor Des Mers : Beautifying Oil,face,Body, Hair

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A Glowing Beauty Treasure

This beautifying dry oil enhances the beauty of the face, body and hair with its satiny texture. A true treasure of the sea, it infuses all the benefits of marine and vegetal oils to moisturize, nourish, repair, and protect both the skin and hair in a single step. Subtly golden, this beauty elixir illuminates the skin with light while leaving a divine summery fragrance.

Active Ingredients

Mekabu Oil:  Reinforces cell cohesion and the epidermal-dermal connection to limit water loss in the skin.
Glasswort Oil:  Improves moisture circulation and storage of water and urea in the epidermis while strengthening the lipidic barrier.
Sesame and Macadamia Oil:  Intensely infuses the skin with essential unsaturated fatty acids to replenish lipids in the skin.
Buriti Oil:  Protects the skin from free radicals