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Purify Starter Kit

Purify Starter Kit

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Try Phytomer's favorite purifying products for the face. This kit includes 4 travel size products and 2 samples for you to enjoy! Cleanse, scrub, mask, purify and moisturize for a total a purifying face care experience. 

  • OLIGOPUR Purifying Cleansing Gel,
  • MARINE Scrub Creamy Exfoliant, 
  • OLIGOPUR Hydra-Matifying Control Cream, 
  • OLIGOPUR Flawless Skin Mask


  • Samples of Hydracontinue 12H Flash Gell and Acnipur Blemish Solution Fluid

15ml X4

5ml X1

3ml X1


Active Ingredients

Normaline: Purifying and anti-bacterial.
Protease: Enzymatic exfolian