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Pionniere XMF Reset Eye Fluid

Pionniere XMF Reset Eye Fluid

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Global anti-aging innovation for the eye area.

PHYTOMER offers you the power of two biotechnological activators combined in a light emulsion and accented with delicate pigments that blend into skin instantly to give your eyes new youth.

This concentrate of marine biotechnology is able to restore a sparkling, youthful look in just seven days. After one week, dark circles and puffiness are less visible, eyelids are lifted, wrinkles have faded and radiance is revived.

Active Ingredients

Algoreset: An eco-responsible biotechnological activator able to reset skin to a non-polluted state.

EPS XMF, Extra Marine Filler*: A 100% natural smoothing and density-adding biotechnological activator

Algolight Complex composed of:
- Palmaria Palmata: Action on shadows caused by tissue congestion.
- Dictyopteris: Acts on dark circles due to hyperpigmentation of the skin.
- Ondontella Aurita: Controls puffiness by preventing lipogenesis.
- Pigments and Pearls: Radiance revealing action.

 * Marine Wrinkle Filler