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Hydrasea Ultra-Moisturizing Polarized Water Serum

Hydrasea Ultra-Moisturizing Polarized Water Serum

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Used everything but your skin still feels like sandpaper? Try this magical moisturizing booster today.

PHYTOMER has discovered the exceptional power of polarized weaving algae water to combat dehydration. This fresh serum with its lightweight, ultra-moisturizing texture immediately melts into the skin to hydrate it and quench its thirst. Softer and suppler, the skin reveals a radiant complexion and looks visibly more beautiful.




Skin immediately suppler and softer: 96%
Skin is ideally moisturized after the first application: 83%
Hydration levels restored: 83%
Skin thirst as if completely quenched: 80%

*Satisfaction test on 20 women after a twice-daily use during 14 days.


Active Ingredients

Polarized and Encapsulated Weaving Algae Water:  Intense, rapid and boosted moisturizing.
Glasswort Oil:  Reinforced moisturizing.
Pheohydrane:  Lasting moisturizing.
OLIGOMER®:  Remineralized skin.