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Meg 21 Firm & Bright Eye Cream

Meg 21 Firm & Bright Eye Cream

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Say goodbye to your raccoon eyes.

This eye cream is clinically proven to reverse the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles as it hydrates, renews, brightens and firms the delicate and easily damaged skin beneath and around the eyes.

 Key Ingredients

  • Supplamine:  Patented ingredient to intercept and reverse glycation, inflammation and metabolic oxidation caused by 3DG sugars in the skin
  • Pfaffia Paniculata or Suma Root –  source of allantoin, vitamins A, E, K and essential B vitamins for healing, cellular integrity, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant; increases microcirculation
  • Shea Butter –  natural antioxidant rich emollient
  • Titanium Dioxide –  brightener; UV absorption
  • Lilly Flower Extract –  antioxidant; moisture retention