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Citylife Ultra-Cleansing Flash Peel

Citylife Ultra-Cleansing Flash Peel

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CityLife Ultra-Cleansing Flash Peel is a new 30 second step that transforms daily cleansing into an exfoliating, detoxifying, facial treatment. After cleansing, pat skin dry and apply two pumps of Flash Peel foam and massage as the bubbles melt. Seconds later, rinse to reveal a smooth, soft, revitalized complexion totally free of toxins and pollutants thanks to exfoliating enzymes and our CitySafe Complex.



     Oxygenated complexion: 92%*
     Purified skin: 92%*
     Skin breathes better: 87%*
     More beautiful skin: 83%*
     Complexion's radiance:+72%*
    Even skin tone: 100%*
    Refined skin texture: 91%*
    Tightened pores: 88%*

*Test conducted on 24 women during 28 days.
CITYSAFE + blue micro algae and red algae - a combination of three marine sugars formulated via marine biotechnology to decongest, treat dark spots and improve cellular vitality. Acts as an anti-pollution shield.

Oligomer® - sodium-reduced seawater concentrate. Strengthens the ability of the skin to breathe properly in a polluted environment and boosts skin with minerals and trace elements.

Protease - natural exfoliating enzyme. Promotes exfoliation of dead skin cells and allows the skin to regenerate more quickly.