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Calm and Relax Geode Bath Bomb Set

Calm and Relax Geode Bath Bomb Set

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These indulgent, ultra-moisturizing, extra-large bath bomb sets are decorated to look like the geode stones they represent and will leave skin soft and glowing! Enjoy their benefits while soaking in your warm and luxurious bath while the aromas of these bombs permeate the air, further enchanting your experience. 

Calm & Relax Geode Bath Bomb Set Includes:

AMAZONITE (Calming): Fresh ocean air, sea salt, and driftwood.

AMETHYST (Stability):   Lavender, clary sage, and eucalyptus.

OBSIDIAN (Grounding): Fragrant blend of brown sugar and ripe fig.

* Each bath bomb is shrinkwrapped


Handmade by Latika in Austin, Texas using natural ingredients.